We offer our customers with wash, dry and fold laundry service for everyday items such as clothes, towels, sheets and more. The wash and fold process starts with sorting your laundry according to darks and lights. After which we safely wash each load using quality detergent and softener. Once cleaned, your clothes will be dried gently on medium to low heat. Next your clothes are neatly folded and wrapped up nice and tidy.

It's great convenient and inexpensive You will never go back to doing your own laundry again.


It begins with either dropping off your laundry or having our delivery driver pick up your laundry from your residence, or place of business. We will sort your laundry according to lights and darks. After which, one of our laundry attendants will safely wash each load with high-quality detergent and softener of your choosing. Your clothes will always be washed alone, never with anyone else’s.


*There is an order minimum of 5LB. This is about the size of one of our small laundry bags.

  • Orders are separated by lights, darks & home goods.  Lights are washed on warm/cold cycle.  Darks cold/cold cycle & home goods are hot/cold cycle.
  • If you have delicate items that you would like washed separately please place in a separate bag and label accordingly.
  • We use only premium laundry detergent and softener.  You may specify if you would like scent or unscented.
  • Once cleaned, your clothes will be tumble dried gently on medium or low heat.
  • As soon as they’re dry your clothes will be promptly taken out of the dryer and folded immediately.
  • We separate items by family member and return package together.